Can you feel it in the air yet? The cool chill and lowering temperatures are coming, meaning we can kiss our sweet Summer goodbye and herald in some fun Winter activities to fill our days. Portland truly is a sight to see during the Winter! If you are a local or a tourist who just wants to witness the beauty of Mt. Hood during the off-season, we have compiled a fun list of activities to get you started on your Winter Wonderland adventure.

1. Tubing on Mt. Hood and Nearby Summits

Nighttime Cosmic tubing - Winter Activities in Portland
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Time to pack up your gear and head up the mountain! There are so many options for your winter day trip, and Mt. Hood is the obvious and most convenient choice for Portlanders. Summits in SW Washington, the Central Oregon Santiam pass, and even the coastal range of the Tillamook Forest all offer a great place to find some fluffy tube-friendly snow. Classic daytime tubing is perfect for enthusiasts and purists, but the nighttime Cosmic tubing is truly a spectacular sight to witness with 600,000 LED lights, laser light shows, black lights, colored lights, rock music, and much more! Don’t forget to bring your stamina-building superfoods so you can climb up and down the mountain for hours to come. You can also enjoy our better bars for long-lasting tubing fuel!

2. Go On A Food Tour

Oregon Bark - Winter Activities in Portland
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There are but a few things better than sitting in a local eatery nomming on a warm meal with the pitter-patter of rain outside. And Portland is perfect for that in the Winter as the city is FILLED with great food options with tour operators that can help curate your perfect food day. There are numerous food tours in and around Portland like Forktown, or you can even opt for a fun Portland Airbnb Experience food tour.

We love the Underground Donut Tour and the Food Cart Tour. If you have a sweet tooth, we recommend a chocolate food tour. Hop on over to any local market selling Oregon Bark or Missionary Chocolates — two of our favorite local chocolate brands — and top off the day with a visit to Dream Bird Cookie Co to nab some cookie dough for a rainy day! There really are so many foods to choose from, so whatever you are craving will most likely be found in a tour form.

3. Hot Springs & Hikes & Snowshoeing, Oh My!

Tomlike Mountain Hike - Winter Activities in Portland
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If you are of the more adventurous type, hiking and/or show-shoeing is the perfect option for you! Here are some of our favorite spots to get our adrenaline going. You can hike lower Macleay Park to Pittock Mansion with your furry friend and witness one of Portland’s top tourist attractions. A winter hike to Tomlike mountain is beautiful year-round, but we recommend the Winter variation so you can get the epic snowy summit views to yourself. From the top of this hike, you can see Mr. Rainier, Mt. Adams & St. Helens.

If you want a hot soak amidst the beautiful scenery, try Breitenbush Hot Springs where you can also stay in their cabins afterward. Don’t forget to stock up on supreme outdoor gear to make your journey easygoing. We enjoy local outdoor stores like Foster Outdoor who usually have a whole used gear section to help you not break the bank. These are just a few options out of the hundreds of Winter trails to choose

4. Visit Hipster Santa!

Visit Hipster Santa - Winter Activities in Portland
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Santa only comes around once a year, so we gotta pay our respects to the big man in red every December. What better way to do this than with Portland Hipster Santa! Every Thursday from November 29 – December 20, Hipster Santa returns to Pioneer Place with his Santa man bun, moustachio, hipster glasses, and Christmas sweater. If you and the fam are wanting to ask a pro where to get a train set fueled by vegetable oil, this guy is your best bet .. or simply sitting around him for a Christmas picture will suffice!

5. Take A Day or Local Trip!

Timberline Lodge - Winter Activities in Portland

Cooped inside? Getting out of the city is a great way to cure your stir-crazy blues. A 1.5-hour drive will get you to Oregon’s iconic Timberline Lodge, where you can see the exterior mansion shots used in the famous “Shining” movie and drink at the state’s most iconic bar. The winter activities are endless at this lodge, from Snowcat rides to snowshoeing or just sitting in the lodge with hot cocoa. The options are endless at this beautiful spot. Another option is to merely stay in town to explore and support some locals spots. We highly recommend a beer/spirit crawl to spots like Moonshrimp Brewing and 503 Distilling. You can also order and get alcohol delivered via Lowkel. Get adventurous!

6. Visit Local Markets!

That’s our Lowkel Mascot, Otis – The Piggy 😀

If you’d like to make your activities more interesting, try visiting local markets. It can be an experience in itself, even more if you are in Portland. It’s a great way to learn about local culture, businesses, and community. You can widen your horizon by talking to locals about the city and exciting things to do.

In these local markets in PDX, you can find stalls of local food & ingredients, arts & crafts, clothing, locally-sourced fruits & vegetables, wine & beer, and everything that’s locally available!

Come & say hi if you spot us (Lowkel) in any of the markets!

Are You Ready To Do Some Winter Activities in Portland?

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