To all our brave small businesses out there, we know the hustle! We stand with you in these trying times. To spread positivity and support local businesses across communities, we have compiled a list of quotes from people of diverse backgrounds who speak in support and celebration of small, independent businesses from around the world.

Our local small businesses are striving to survive in this retail world dominated by big-box stores and chains of corporate supermarkets. Day after another, these independent businesses are going out of business. It is crucial to discuss why we should shop local and how to support local businesses. We can also see the after-effects of pandemic years on small businesses & It’s tough for them to overcome the losses, repair their businesses and provide for their families.

When a small business is hurt, it hurts the staff too because of lockdowns and fewer sales, increasing If a small business suffers losses, it affects the employees as lockdowns, and fewer sales increase unemployment. More consequences include stores closing for safety, morale, and enthusiasm going down, and communities falling apart. It’s time to support our community and neighboring communities to help them get on their feet again.

Having said that, here are 61 noteworthy shop local quotes from people coming from different backgrounds encouraging us to choose independent businesses over giant corporations:

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89 Small Business & Shop Local Quotes

  1. “I do a lot of reading about food and the food industry, so I try to eat locally and go to the farmer’s market.”
    Nikki Reeds | American Actress

  2. “As consumers, we have so much power to change the world by just being careful in what we buy.”
    Emma Watson | English Actress and Activist

  3. “I always take the time to eat well and eat locally because it’s common sense.”
    Elliot Page | Canadian Actor and Producer

  4. “The way to change the world is through individual responsibility and taking local action in your own community.”
    Jeff Bridges | American Actor

  5. “I basically eat a lot of proteins, and I’ve been eating smaller portions of food. I try to eat all locally raised and organic produce.”
    Norman Reedus | American Actor

  6. “I’m a normal consumer but try to do the best I can. I try to buy locally, and I mostly avoid supermarkets.”
    Imelda May | Irish Singer / Songwriter

  7. “I always believe in buying things locally; anything locally made is a big plus, along with organic materials.”
    Jessica Hart | Model | Founder of LUMABeauty

  8. “Independent businesses make neighborhoods healthy; they ground them.”
    Bernie Telsey | Casting director

  9. “I used to love going into local hardware stores, to look at little things they made locally. Nowadays it’s harder, though you can still do it in Vietnam.”
    Francis Ford Coppola | American Film Director

  10. “Independent businesses give cities their shape, texture, color, and taste… often literally.”
    Hasan Minhaj | American Comedian & Writer

  11. “Independent business is the fabric, man.”
    DJ Clark Kent | American Record Producer

  12. “The concept of being a locavore, or one who chooses whenever possible to incorporate locally grown or locally produced food into one’s nutrition plan, is of great importance.”
    Tyler Florence | Chef and Television Host

  13. “I’m super supportive of locally grown foods and farmers. Here in L.A., I know all of my farmers markets and go there weekly.”
    Anna Getty | Actress

  14. “An activist is one who is actively involved in creating community, whether that is locally in their neighborhood or internationally. It is an admirable quality.”
    Jasmine Guy | American Actress

  15. “My wardrobe comprises of the world’s top designers and is equally filled with shopping from roadside stalls and local shops because I believe ‘if it looks good, it looks good!’ full stop.”
    Pooja Bedi | Indian Actress

  16. “I go to the local record store to buy my albums.”
    Sonny Sandoval | American Singer

  17. “Some of the most green people in our lives are our parents and grandparents, who always bought locally and carefully.”
    Su-chin Pak | News Correspondent

  18. “It’s important to support people who put their heart, soul, and last dollar into something they believe in.”
    Jillionaire | DJ and music producer

  19. “There’s a feeling of shared responsibility and ownership when you support an independent business.”
    Angie Martinez | American Radio Personality / Rapper

  20. “Buy local fruits and veggies at the grocery store. You will support local businesses and cut down on all the fuel that is used to truck produce around from state to state.”
    Ashlan Gorse Cousteau | American Entertainment Journalist

  21. “I think local shopping areas and markets are terribly important, both for tradespeople and the local feeling of an area.”
    Prunella Scales | English Actress

  22. “If I’m hunting down gifts, I like to buy locally.”
    Arabella Weir | Scottish Comedian / Actress

  23. “Family farms and small businesses are the backbone of our communities.”
    Tom Allen | English Comedian / Actor

  24. “Independent businesses create and offer choice.”
    Lyndsey Butler | Founder of VEDA

  25. “Independent businesses are where innovation happens – it’s where things move forward.”
    Daniel Arsham and Alex Mustonen | Founders of Snarkitecture

  26. “It isn’t enough just looking for the quality in the products we buy, we must ensure that there is quality in the lives of the people who make them.”
    Orsola De Castro | Co-founder of Fashion Revolution

  27. “When you support an independent business, you’re supporting a true reflection of the person or people behind it.”
    Stella Ishii | Founder of 6397

  28. “Why help make big companies bigger when you can get the same thing from the little guy and actually help someone accomplish their dream?”
    Trevor D. Richardson | Founder of The Subtopian / Author

  29. “In a world where you can shop anywhere, shop local.”
    Robyn Liechti | Author

  30. “A small business is an amazing way to serve and leave an impact on the world you live in.”
    Nicole Snow | Author

  31. “Shop where you stay, shop where you see smile, shop such so they sustain.”
    Amit Kalantri | Author

  32. “When you buy something made by a person, there is something special there, and you feel it.”
    J. Donald Walters | Author

  33. “The relationships created between customers and those that work in independent business frequently go beyond just purchases — it becomes familial.”
    Rembert Browne | Author

  34. “The consciousness with which a thing is made is often more important than the thing itself.”
    J. Donald Walters | Author

  35. “Behind every small business, there’s a story worth knowing.”
    Paul Ryan | Retired USA Politician

  36. “We need to keep our small businesses healthy in order to keep our economy strong.”
    Keith Haynes | American politician

  37. “By using locally manufactured products, you will be able to help the small entrepreneurs in your area to a great extent.”
    Ram Nath Kovind | Indian politician

  38. “When you shop local, you have the opportunity to develop relationships with business owners in your community and many of them offer unique products and services that you simply can’t get online or at department stores.”
    Kay Ivey | American politician / Governor of Alabama

  39. “Be mindful of what supermarkets are doing and demand to see their business practices. Stop throwing away food. Compost as much as you can, eat as locally and as seasonally as you can. Share knowledge and information.”
    Arthur Potts Dawson | Chef

  40. “Locally produced foods – defined as those harvested within a 100-mile radius of one’s home – have a lesser impact on the environment because of the decreased need for transportation from source to consumer.”
    Tyler Florence | Chef & Television Host

  41. “Wherever possible, I like to use home-grown or locally produced ingredients.”
    Mary Berry | English Chef, Food Writer

  42. “Buy locally where possible, but if you can’t get the very best locally, don’t buy locally. Buy it from where it is best.”
    Marco Pierre White | British Chef

  43. “Think globally, act locally urges people to consider the health of the entire planet and take action in their own communities and cities.”
    Patrick Geddes

  44. “What you do makes a difference and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make.”
    Jane Goodall | English Primatologist & Anthropologist

  45. “Independent business bring originality and variety in a world that’s becoming increasingly homogenized.”
    Craig Costello | Researcher in Cryptography at Microsoft

  46. “When you shop small, you are backing the small businesses that strengthen and diversify our communities.”
    Elizabeth Rutledge | Chief Marketing Officer, American Express

  47. “Independent businesses feel like home.”
    Yasmin Daguilh and Mackenzie Gleason

  48. “Small businesses provide the feeling that a real person is behind it all, someone who cares more about giving us a quality product or service, over just taking our hard-earned dollars.”
    Annie Bukhman

  49. “Small businesses represent the creative consciousness…”
    Maayan Zilberman and Alex Burn

  50. “Independent businesses are the lifeline of every community.”
    Wilson Tang

  51. “Authenticity and hustle – that’s why you should support independent businesses.”
    Yu Ming Wua

  52. “Love, Where you Live”

  53. “Buy Local or Bye Bye Local.”

  54. “Support Small Businesses, Support US”

  55. “You can’t buy Happiness but you can Buy Local and that’s kind of the same thing.”

  56. “Once people become knowledgeable and passionate about ecological issues and see how their day-to-day actions impact the future, they don’t go back.”

  57. “Turn on conscious shopping Mode, START SHOPPING LOCAL”

  58. “You want to shop and live near places that actually mean things to people; places that have a real effect on communities.”
    Sandeep Salter | Owner of Picture Room and Salter House

  59. “Most independent businesses are run by people – not by boards, not by stockholders, not by algorithms.”
    Erica Cerulo and Claire Mazur

  60. “Good things come to those who shop local.”
    Melinda Lemay

  61. “You can feel when someone really cares about the neighborhood they’re running a business in.”
    Sandeep Salter | Owner of Picture Room and Salter House

  62. “… they [small businesses] contribute tremendously to the unique identities of communities everywhere.”
    – Maayan Zilberman and Alex Burn | Owner of Sweet Saba

  63. “The COVID-19 crisis has highlighted the importance of shopping and buying local.”
    – Mike Parson | American politician

  64. “By using locally manufactured products, you will be able to help the small entrepreneurs in your area to a great extent.”
    – Ram Nath Kovind | Indian politician serving as the 14th and current President of India

  65. “Putting even one thing in your shopping basket that’s locally produced or organic makes all the difference. It’s a vote for the future, for animal welfare, for the environment, for your children’s children.”
    – Sheherazade Goldsmith | British Environmentalist / Jeweller

  66. “The most powerful thing we can do is get involved locally. Help our local community and become community activists in our own smaller circle.”
    – Gavin Creel | American Actor / Singer

  67. “If people are prepared to eat locally and seasonally, then they probably do pretty well in terms of environmental impact.”
    – Peter Singer

  68. “I always believe in buying things locally; anything locally made is a big plus, along with organic materials. I try really hard to do that, and brands really pop out to me if I know they’re trying to be environmentally friendly.”
    – Jessica Hart | Australian Model and Founder of LUMABeauty

  69. “Married couples who work together to build and maintain a business assume broad responsibilities. Not only is their work important to our local and national economies, but their success is central to the well-being of their families.”
    – Melissa Bean | American politician

  70. “Whenever possible, I use local, fresh ingredients, just because it tastes and feels better to eat an egg or a tomato or a hamburger that wasn’t flown halfway around the world, that didn’t travel on a truck and get stuck in traffic jams, that hasn’t been sitting in a supermarket’s refrigerator case for days.”
    – Kate Christensen | American novelist

  71. “I would like to see people more aware of where their food comes from. I would like to see small farmers empowered. I feed my daughter almost exclusively organic food.”
    Anthony Bourdain | American chef

  72. “I need quick, easy, and healthy meals that can power me through the day. I also try to eat locally grown and organic food as much as possible – it’s the best for me and the environment.”
    – Ashlan Gorse Cousteau | American Entertainment Journalist

  73. “The biggest thing you can do is understand that every time you’re going to the grocery store, you’re voting with your dollars. Support your farmers’ market. Support local food. Really learn to cook.”
    – Alice Waters | American Chef / Author

  74. “I try to support local traders. The service makes up for any extra cost”
    – Theo Paphitis | Chairperson of Ryman

  75. “I would love to be part of more partnerships and help develop new campaigns that celebrate Milwaukee and support local business.”
    – Michael Carter-Williams | American professional basketball player

  76. “Small businesses are more nimble and innovative than large corporations, and as a result are much more likely to develop the breakthrough ideas we need for global competitiveness.”
    – John Delaney | American Politician

  77. “Small businesses should have the same ability to reach customers as powerful corporations.”
    – Al Franken | Former U.S. senator

  78. “Britain is a proud nation of entrepreneurs, and small businesses are the backbone of our economy.”
    – Priti Patel | British politician

  79. “We need to be investing in manufacturing and small businesses. We need to be creating a workforce where Americans can compete in a global marketplace because they have the necessary skills. And we need fairness, and we need a sustainable, strong economy that’s durable for the future.”
    – Valerie Jarrett | American businesswoman and former government official

  80. “I’m a big advocate of the power of positive thinking, particularly for small businesses.”
    – Kevin Plank | American businessman

  81. “When you create more small businesses, you create small entrepreneurship. Out of that comes self-determination and employment.
    – Jesse Jackson |  American political activist

  82. “In the Gulf region and nationwide, small businesses are an integral and crucial part of local economies and communities. They should not be overlooked.”
    – Dan Lipinski | American politician and political scientist

  83. “Small businesses provide 75 percent of new U.S. jobs and are the backbone of our economy, and no outdated ban should be keeping small business owners from collecting the same interest their money could earn if it were held by an individual.”
    – Sue Kelly | American businesswoman and politician

  84. “This nation’s 23 million small businesses need a budget that reflects their value to the economy.
    – Solomon Ortiz | Former American Politician

  85. “If people support independently owned small businesses in their community, they can make a difference.”
    – Kenneth Chenault | American business executive

  86. “Every government says they love small businesses, but what have they done for them? We should pull down all the barriers.”
    – Jack Ma | Chinese business magnate

  87. “Small businesses are vital contributors to our economy. They are the economic engine that is creating jobs, exploring innovation, and expanding opportunities for Americans in every community across the Nation.”
    – Allyson Schwartz | American politician

  88. “As a former small business owner, I recognize both the important role small businesses play in our economy and the broad universe of challenges that small business owners face in trying to make ends meet.”
    – Sue Kelly | American businesswoman and politician

  89. “Small businesses are the economic drivers of our country, providing the stimulus our communities need.”
    – Melissa Bean | American politician

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We hope you find these quotes inspiring enough that you are motivated to share them with your friend, colleagues, and family. And if you want to start shopping local and support small businesses right away, you can always do so by downloading our app. At Lowkel, we strive to bring you the best of local merchants & products with an additional same-day or scheduled delivery to your doorsteps.

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