We have introduced Local Delivery Buttons for our merchants to put on their websites that directly link to their Lowkel Store page; most merchants are happy with them. They say it’s an effective way to increase sales (2x and 3x) and help customers know about the local delivery option.

Let’s move to How to add a Lowkel Delivery Button!

Easy Steps:

  1. Visit https://lowkel.com/get-lowkel-button
  2. Enter your store link. If you need the link, visit the lowkel marketplace and search for your store. Once you are on your store page, copy the URL, and paste it on the buttons page.
  3. Choose from 2 Options:
    1. Get a button – You can place it anywhere on the website. Best use: Homepage, Header, and Footer
    2. Get a Sticky Bar – It sticks to your website’s scroll bar. Remember to make it sitewide for better use.
  4. Choose any variation of a button/sticky bar you like. Please copy the code, and paste it into your website’s code. You should contact your developer to do this.
  5. And you’re done. Your website visitors can shop from you on Lowkel and get same-day or scheduled delivery.

Please let us know at support@lowkel.com if you need any technical assistance.

If you’re not a Lowkel Merchant yet, check out How to get started with Lowkel 😉

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February 21st, 2023 By lowkel  

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