Graduating is a significant event in one’s academic career, and successful graduation calls for a celebration. This article presents gift ideas and party preparation décor for graduation. Let’s waste no time and get the party going.

Graduation Party Decor Ideas

A party without décor like balloons, confetti, etc., is no party. To get the party started, here are some suggestions:

Graduation Diploma Balloon Bunches

by Cheers to you party goods

Get these special balloon bunches and add some more celebration vibes to your party.

Congrats Grad Napkins

by Cheers to you party goods

Beautiful napkins available in different colors, perfect for grad party.

Congrads Greeting Cards

by Cheers to you party goods

Greeting cards are always a good idea. Select a from a variety of cards, order and get delivered.

Gift Wraps

by March Party Goods

With these beautiful double-sided gift wraps, your gifts will look prettier and more personal.

Books as Gifts for New Graduates

Here are 6 books that you can easily gift to someone who’s graduating. You can order on the Lowkel app and get it delivered in PDX.

You Are a Badass by Sincero

From Maggie Mae’s Book

It’s self-help book that can be a great gift for someone who’s graduated & about to start his career.

Atomic Habits by Clear

From Maggie Mae’s Book

It’s the #1 New York Times bestseller, and sold over 3 million copies. It’s for everyone and offers a framework to improve our everyday life.

How to Resist Amazon and Why by Caine

From Maggie Mae’s Book

This book tells you how a company’s employees are dying on the job, and their business model depends on sacrificing local businesses. This book can encourage a new grad to work on and highlight to bring the better in the community.

How to Raise a Plant and Make it Love You Back by Doane

From Maggie Mae’s Book

It’s a perfect guide for someone who is eager to learn how to grow plants. It’s an easy to follow guide which makes a best gift!

Keanu Reeves’ Guide to Kindness

From Maggie Mae’s Book

It’s an illustrated book about how to spread a little more love in this world. A few simple steps can make a lot of differences.

Plays Well With Others by Barker

From Maggie Mae’s Book

This book is great to help make friendships better, get closer to others, and rejuvenate love. No matter if the person you’re gifting is an introvert or extrovert. It’s great for all!

Self-Care Items as Gifts on Graduation

A recent graduate must need a self-care gift. Here are 9 gift ideas for you:

Necessity Eye Balm

From Shop Reclamation

Grad’s eyes need this! Their eyes must be tired and puffy, and this my friend is the perfect solution for that.

Nekko Shinrinyoku Forest Bath Balm & Enamel Pin

From Shop Reclamation

This set is a reminder to healing and power. It has Locally-cultivated ingredients using Earth-aligned practices.

Vellum St. All-Purpose Balm

From Shop Reclamation

It’s important to put good in your mouth just as to put on your skin. This all-purpose balm is made with local food grade ingredients, and you can use it anywhere on your skin like lips, hands, face, and body.

Roll-On Scent

From Delas Botanicals

These Roll on Scents are powerful perfume blends, and with no harsh chemicals used. Blended with rich essential oils, and fractioned coconut oil makes the fragrance so soothing!

Stress Less Kit

From Camamu Soap

Every graduate needs to stress reliever, and a fresh start. This kit is perfect for them, and it comes with Stress Less Soap, Stress Less Oil Perfume, and Sage Smudge Stick.

Ceramic Aromatherapy Diffuser

From Eleusis Way

The bamboo base and hand-made ceramic top cover make it beautiful and natural-looking. It provides stress relief and helps improve cognitive function.

M-100 Elite Insoles

From Protalus

Amazing Comfort. Un-Matched Alignment.

The Arch Support You Need.

It improves the body function, and guides the body into proper position.

5 Small Candle Bundle

From Yo Soy Candle

Scented candles are trendy and always a great gift to show love and appreciation. This bundle comes with various scents, and the burn time of each 4oz candle is 15-20 hrs.

Monthly Alchemist Box – The Kraken

From Mi Home Nest

This box is a perfect gift, and used to purify and cleanse. It includes 5 Selenite, 1 Black Tourmaline, 1 sage stick, and 1 palo santo stick.

Accessories & Apparel

Here are some super-cool, stylish and comfortable clothing gifts you can give to a graduate:

Zip Up Hoodie – Unisex Fit

From Vero Watch

How cool does this simple yet stylish hoodie looks! It’s light-weight hoodie with a zip up. This slim cut is ideal for any young graduate.


From Vero Watch

You can pair this water bottle with a hoodie above, and bingo! This sport bottle has a pull out drinking spout and a lock. It’s very durable!

Stop, Drop, & Dopp Kit

From Blaqpaks

Graduate might want to travel now. Let’s give them a perfect travel gift. It’s made with X10 waterproof canvas, and stuff is guaranteed to stay dry.

Food, Beverages & Kitchen Accessories

Family Size Granola Bags

From Nora’s Kitchen Granola

Giving something healthy should always be the priority. This granola is healthy, slow roasted, perfect, and delicious! Also, Gluten-free, and vegan (*-*)

5 Bottle Sauce Bundle

From Newks Hot Sauce

New grads must having parties! Why not give them a few of these to make their food a little saucy!! 😉 Btw, adding these to grilled wings make the taste buds fly!

Match Striker Tray | Black

From Aesthete Tea

This looks like a cool and unique gift. It has non-skid pads on the bottom that will protect the surface underneath.

High Roller Tray – Walnut

From Lumber Jackwood Products LLC

Instead of using ugly silicone and plastic trays, try these out and you’ll never be going back to them. It’s handcrafted and gorgeous like you see on some food vlogs!

Two Bags & A Mug

From Sandino Coffee

Get 2 Coffee bags (12oz) of your choice and a mug. It can make a good economical gift!


From Aesthete Tea

Choose herbal blend or tea blend as per your choice. Give them a “a fortunate stroke of serendipity

Lemonade & Limeade Mix 4 Pack

From Bozbev

Choose from Ginger Lemonade, Ginger Limade, Apricot Lemonade, Strawberry Limade, Raspberry Lemonade, and Blackberry Lemonade. Introduce them to these delicious non-alcoholic drinks!




From Oregon Bark

Looking for some candies? We’ve got you covered. Get these non-dairy molasses and pecan chew candies wrapped in a luxe chocolate wrapper.

12 Piece Custom Box of Truffles

From Missionary Chocolates

Get your hands on these dairy-free and vegan truffles. They look good, and taste delicious!


From The Better Bar

Still looking for a healthy snack? Yeah, we have one more! 😛 Get these Vegan, high fiber, and protein snack bars. This will definitely make a good gift!

Home Decor and Plants

Wildehaus PDX Gift Card

From Wildehaus

Give this gift card to the grad, and they can get whatever they want Plants and the stands, Plant Hangers, Pottery, Tabletop, or Jewelry). Play-safe! 😉

Ceropegia Woodii Variegata (Variegated String of Hearts)

From Shop Reclamation

This plant has cream, pink, and green heart-shaped leaves with a purple tone stem. It comes in 2″ and 4″, so you can choose what suits you to carry. Lowkel delivers both sizes!

Graduation Gifts for Her / Daughter

Jocelyn Dress

From Foster Outdoor

It’s a free flown sleeveless dress especially good for summers. It also has a welt pocket, so you can imagine how cool the pictures of the person can be!

Simone Dress

From Foster Outdoor

This dress comes in 2 colors (Blue, Grey). It’s semi-fitted, and has an elastic waist, and front pockets. Pairing it with white sneakers can be dope!

32oz Wide Mouth Flex Cap

From Foster Outdoor

If the grad is adventurous then this is the perfect gift for her. It comes in multiple colors so you get a great collection to choose from. It’s big enough for a whole day!

Molly Muriel Gift Card

From Molly Muriel

If you’re looking to gift all-natural bath and body products, this gift card is your key! They can get natural ingredients in soaps, shampoos, lip balms, candles, essential oils, and a lot more.


From Molly Muriel

The bath soak is forest lava, a pure radiance body oil, and a bergamot mint candle. This box also has a personalized gift card!

Hue Noir Gift Card

From Hue Noir

If she loves make-up then give them the gift of choice. Hue noir’s products are soo good!!!

Dragon’s Blood Starter Care Package

From Essance Skin Care

This travel kit is perfect to gift. It includes a 2-4 week supply of Cleanser, Toner, Moisturizer, Passionfruit Lotion, Serum, Eye Creme, and a lip balm.

“It’s bigger on the inside” Earrings

From Shop Reclamation

This set of earrings is made in Portland. It’s buffed with museum-grade protectant wax for better sustainability. They look good, don’t they?

Graduation Gifts for Him / Son

Workhorse Canyon

From Vero Watch

We personally love this tactical watch! The dope looks of a deep desert. It has a one-hour Chronograph, Miyota 6S21 Quartz, water resistance, and a long stick-on belt for every size. It’s definitely super-comfortable!

Men’s Helium Down Hoodie

From Foster Outdoor

If you think they need a new hoodie, then this is your pick. It’s lightweight, durable, and really warm.

32oz Wide Mouth Flex Cap

From Foster Outdoor

If the grad is adventurous then this is the perfect gift for him. It comes in multiple colors so you get a great collection to choose from. It’s big enough for a whole day!

Bedside Caddy

From Blaqpaks

A whole place to keep things once the grad’s day is over. They may need it to stay organized!

Banff Novelty Sweater

From Foster Outdoor

This sweater is warm because of the heavy Donegal knit. It’s naturally odor-resistant, warm, soft, and durable.

Kavu Big Joe Flannel

From Foster Outdoor

It’s a casual fit plaid shirt that every guy grad would like. The Fabric is 6oz 100% cotton flannel.

Vantage Point Trucker Hat

From Foster Outdoor

It’s lightweight and absolutely great for long hikes and daily wear. The best part is it’s breathable.

Additionally, you can get all of these items on lowkel that’s not all you can also send these items as gifts via Lowkel’s same-day delivery anywhere in portland. Download our app and start shopping local today.

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